Venetian Blinds

Perfect for the modern look

Venetian Blinds are incredibly versatile and perfect for creating a modern, uncluttered look in your home. Simple to use controls make them ideal for filtering or cutting the light out completely. They’re also easy to pull up for maximum sunlight.

Shades offer a wide range of colours, available in four slat widths to suit the size of your windows or the effect you wish to create. From classic whites to bright pinks or deep shades of purple, the range includes something to suit every decor. Of course we have pastels, naturals and lots of metallics too.

For the natural look of wood combined with the practicality of aluminium, we now offer a ‘Aluwood’ collection. These blinds are ideal for bathrooms, where the humidity and temperature is likely to vary.

  • Finishes include matt, gloss, pearlescent, perforated and soft sheen
  • Ideal for tilt and turn, skylight or Velux windows
  • Available in 4 different slat widths to offer a solution for all window sizes
  • Aluwood collection combines the practicalities of aluminium and the warmth of natural wood look

Made to measure – With the huge colour range of tones & textures and the choice of four slat widths, this timeless classic will  give you instant light control for many years

Style – with all of the blinds coming with coordinating rails, cords and ladder tapes the opportunities are endless. If you have the desire and an idea incorporating two or more slat colours, we aim to please

Performance – venetian blinds are ideal for lots of different installations. As tensioned blinds with guide wires for tilt and open windows, hold down clips for fitting to moving doors and can even be installed within double glazed panels, operated with external controls

Energy Saving – for more light exclusion and maximum temperature control, the Ultimate Privacy ‘hidden hole’ option is available within the 25mm range. As the name suggests the make up of the blind  has no visible hole for the up &down cord to run through

What slat width should I choose?

50mm – makes very robust blinds. Ideal for wider windows and extra long drops

35mm – the ideal choice in following the latest trend of window blind fashion

25mm – slim & sophisticated, giving subtle fine lines of colour when open

16mm – the finest choice. Almost invisible when tilted in the open position

Customise your blinds

Select from a wide range of Cord Pulls